My To-do Lists

Life keeps you pretty busy on a day-to-day basis, and it’s important to keep some of your goals in mind. While I generally think it’s a better idea to live sans-lists, there are some things I want to keep track of. These are a work in progress.

In 2016:
–Take the Tour de Tom of Baltimore
–Take a biking trip
–Stay up past midnight at least once, partying
–Have a Black-Eyed Susan
–Don’t die while road tripping in Brazil
–Go to a nude beach

Before I Turn 30 35
–go waterskiing
–tour at least two countries in the Middle East (one-ish down!)
–go to the Tour de France (2 stages, at least one mountain)
–Have someone else drive me on the autobahn, as I’m too scared
–volunteer overseas
–go on a sisters trip, which means convincing my sisters to go somewhere
–go to a nude beach
–learn to speak a third language passably. Spanish or Arabic?
–see Pompeii

In My Life
–swim in every ocean (actually.)
–learn to sail
–take an excellent road trip… maybe see below
–See at least one of the seven world wonders
–tour the American Southwest
–go to Scotland with family
–Get to the top of Mount Washington
–go to a music festival
–see a bear in real life
–Drive down Highway 1
–live on a body of water for a period
–become a hostess and guest worthy of my grandmother’s genes
–do work for good, not for glamour
–pay my parents back in love and support
–eat Mexican food in Mexico
–go to a pro football game
–look for Shillenn gravesites in Gettysburg
–work on a farm, even if for a few weeks!
–learn how to clean and prepare at least one animal from scratch
–build something with my hands. Something bigger than me.
–complete at least one long-tour walk
–write something for kids

Great Life Lists for Reference

Smithsonian: 43 Places to See Before you Die (I’ve seen seven)
Matador Network: 100 Things to Experience Before You Die  (This one is for serious travelers. I’ve only done five!)
Slightly more philosophical things to do before you die
100 Foods to Try Before You Die (More than halfway done.)
Baltimore Bests

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