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Fromage Friday: Manchego Curado

Eventually I will stop talking about Spain, but today is not that day. Spain is not exactly known for its wondrous cheeses, but it is known for Manchego. And while I love me some gooey French cheeses, I was glad to swap them for some cured, sharp Spanish products for a few days.

Make all efforts to wrap your cheese better before flying out of Spain.

Manchego, a sheep’s cheese.
Made by: I don’t have the wrapper! I fail. Purchased at Mulas in Salamanca.
Hails from: Manchego is famously from La Mancha, but this one was from Castille.
Background: Manchego is often a softer cheese. This one was cured for slightly longer (around 6 months), giving it a firmer texture and a slight bite.
Can I eat the rind? Sorry, not a good plan.
Serve it with: olives, sausages, Spanish membrillo (quince paste) as appetizers or part of dinner. It would also be amazing on salads, or on small sandwiches. I’m not sure I’d try to throw it in any cooked cheese dishes.

Ham and cheese shop extraordinaire, Salamanca.