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Enjoy. Everything is spicy.


This image is 100 percent stolen from the internet.

Taqueria el Sabor del Parque in Highlandtown faces Patterson Park, a bright little corner of light looking out onto Linwood St. with the requisite 10 tables, Univision flat screen, 27 kinds of tacos, and a startingly clean bathroom. I went in solo last week before a show at the Creative Alliance and ordered myself al pastor and chorizo tacos, which came with a four-corner caddy of blended and chopped salsas. Without asking, I was told: everything is spicy. Cue swooning.

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Egypt, Kushari and Diabetes

I left for Cairo via Amman, Jordan on Friday at noon. Today is Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. and I have had falafel for at least one meal every day since Friday. I am going to die.

Falafel crammed into pockets of poofy, pita-like “aish” bread. Falafel flattened and dotted with sesame seeds, then served with aish. Fried zucchini flowers and vegetables stuffed in aish. Foul, a fava bean spread make with plenty of spices and tucked into, you guessed it, aish. I’ve seen countless men weaving bikes down crowded streets; carrying a 4×5 plastic tray piled with aish on their head.

Baklava, kunafa and basbousa desserts: all phyllo, honey and nuts. Then the real 1-2 punch to my glycemic index: kushari.

With a side of aish, of course.

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Foodies in Lorraine

Lesson learned: if you are going to a food event, especially a food event in France, don’t skip lunch so you have room to taste. There will be champagne tasting, and wine tasting and beer tasting, and it will be a hazardous walk home!

Last Sunday was the Salon de la Gourmandise (just what it sounds like) up on the mountaintop in Epinal. For 3€, I’d be a damn fool to not go and see if I could find some local specialties and try some new foods. Lorraine is best known for a few different products, and none of them are quiche Lorraine:

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