I’m Rebecca. I was born in Baltimore, educated in Washington, D.C., spent four years in the Lehigh Valley, Pa, moved to France for no good reason, and ended up in Baltimore in 2012 despite all plans to never return. I loved it, and I stayed.

In previous ages, I worked as an English teacher in Northeast France, at Lehigh University and as a researcher and editor for various magazines, including Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Philadelphia Style and Washingtonian.

I love cooking, baking, reading and languages. In particular I’m interested in cooking from basics (as few processed foods as possible), cooking on a budget and culinary tourism. After a year in the Lorraine region of France and a return to home territory in Baltimore, Maryland, I am in hot pursuit of good places to eat, good ways to cook your veggies, a neighboring barstool with a good story to tell, and the dilemma of understanding nutrition and exercise that America is facing.

Despite being a rabid Francophile, Anglophile, and maybe just foreign-phile, I’m also an …. Americaphile? I also enjoy swimming, singing, dancing, and amazing costumes.

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