The Dollar Project

IMG_1283Overall, I’m grateful for a lot of things 2013 brought. I spent endless hours with a circle of friends that didn’t exist in 2012, visited friends in two countries and three new cities in the states, learned a lot, and found that I’m ready (and thrilled) to stay put in Baltimore for a bit. I have high hopes for 2014 and, even better, feel that I’ve developed the resilience to be happy even in rough patches.

In light of having so much, I started wondering how much more I could give back in time and money, without feeling stretched. To test the latter, I decided to give one dollar to any person who asks during the month of January. Throughout the month I’ll note some of the people and places I give the most, and tally the total cost at the end of January.

I’ve given one dollar so far, on the way home from New Year’s in DC, to a man standing at an intersection on MLK Blvd. I’m interested to see how much I end up giving away, and in coming up with a better ways to put it to use in future months to help combat homelessness and poverty.

Happy 2014, and may yours be filled with joy and peace!

One response to “The Dollar Project

  1. I’d like a dollar.


    Just kidding.

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