Resurfacing in Baltimore

jigsaw_save_tempI’m a naughty blogger. One would think that being unemployed for half of fall would have meant plenty of time for cooking, writing, and exploring. Anyone who has ever been unemployed knows what it really means is all your energy and lifesource is sucked into job search websites, and it was all I could do to make it out for some exercise and errands.

Washington Monument Xmas lighting in the 'hood.

Washington Monument Xmas lighting!

The good news is that I started a new job at Johns Hopkins University in late November, and am four weeks happily employed as a web coordinator. I’m also one week moved into a great new apartment in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, which is full of theaters, historic buildings and gay bars. Despite my disappointment in not being able to return to France, I am “dead chuffed” to be living in the heart of Baltimore for the first time in my life, and getting paid enough to thoroughly navigate the most awesome spots.

I have my own personal desire list (Greenmount cemetery, Peabody Institute concerts, regular volunteering, jazz at Germano’s Cabaret); my to-do bars list is based off the Baltimore Sun’s most recent 100 best; and I’m looking forward to visiting lesser-known neighborhoods. But I know I’ll be attacking the places and things to eat pronto. Most are old news to my family and some I’ve eaten all my life, but others are completely new to me. 2013: time to change that!

2013: Beyond crabcakes.

2013: Beyond crabcakes.

1) Jumbo lump crabcakes (recommends at Faidley’s)
2) Pick hard shell crabs (recommends Mr. Bill’s Terrace Inn)
3) Drink a Natty Boh. (I still can’t get over how this is popular again.)
4) Berger’s Cookies
5) Marshmallow on a snowball
6) Lake trout (primarily sold at fried chicken shops, as far as I can tell.)
7) Breakfast at Blue Moon Cafe
8) Corned beef at Attman’s
9) Brews at Brewer’s Art
10) JFX Farmer’s Market
11) Drink a Black-Eyed Susan
12) Shoes and Chocolate at Ma Petite Shoe
13) Rheb’s buttercreams
14) Sangria at Tio Pepe’s
15) Ostrowski’s polish sausage
16) Fisher’s Popcorn
17) Ambassador Dining Room Sunday brunch
18) Pumpkin apps at the Helmand (right around the corner from me!)
19) Pizza at Iggie’s and Joe Squared
20) Taharka Bros ice cream
21) Golden West and Rocket to Venus in Hampden
22) Liquid Earth?
23) Charcuterie plate at Clementine ($$$$$$)
24) Chocolate mac n cheese at Jack’s Bistro
25) Shrimp salad from Kibby’s or Mary Mervis
26) Smith Island Cake (recc. Sugarbaker’s)
27) Vaccaro’s pastries (All u can eat Monday?!)
28) Bookmaker salad at Sabatinos
30) Popcorn and devilled eggs at Woodberry Kitchen ($$$$)
31) Bagel from Greg’s
32) Coddies on a cracker
33) Prime Rib prime rib (yea, prob never. $$$$$$$)
34) Mozz. Pie from Matthew’s Pizza
35) Late-night at Bel-Loc diner
36) Crepes at Sofi’s (also will never do <<< crepe snob here)
37) Naron candy
38) Wockenfuss candies
39) Picnic at Fort McHenry
40) Oysters and beer at Cross Street Market.
41) Zeke’s Coffee
42) Smoked platter from Neopol at Belvedere
43) Wine Market Monday
45) Clipper City brewery tour
46) Fruit and veggies from an a-rab
47) Bloody Mary with Old Bay
48) Salt ($$$$$$$$)
49) Berger Cookie Pie at Dangerously Delicious
50) Mary Sue Easter Eggs


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