Bmore Diaries: Pitango Gelato… AFFOGATO

Bastille Day in Baltimore dawned dark and pouring rain; actually kind of fitting for a girl who is trying to get back to the very rainiest and foggiest part of France. By 10 a.m. the clouds had rolled away, leaving a fresh breeze which lightened up our French-speaking picnic at Fort McHenry. A friend from New Jersey came down to meet me afterward and we made our way along the harbor in search of coffee, beer, or ice cream.

Pitango Gelato is already very popular, being in the cutesy, bar-lined Fells Point area of the city. I had found it via Yelp searches for places I most wanted to visit in Baltimore when I wasn’t at work (a.k.a. never), and though it has branches in D.C. and and Reston, the Baltimore location seems to be the most appreciated. As it’s a lot harder to find spicy chocolate or rhubarb gelato and espresso in Baltimore than foreigner-infested Washington, I get it.

But the reason it was mind-blowing for me is that I was able to combine my espresso and gelato with a delicious affogato, for less than the price of a double shot and a small. YES. On the advice of one of the friendly servers I skipped the classic hazelnut gelato and got a small scoop of fresh coconut in my adorable mug, then sat at the window and peered out over the tourists in the sun that decided to burst out in the late afternoon. A bit of Europe I missed, and a bit of Baltimore I appreciated.

This house is in desperate need of a Bialetti. Edit: this house is now in possession of a $3 used double-shot sized Bialetti from the new Goodwill Superstore. Win for America and resale stores! Win for Speculoos and espresso soon!

We also made a stop at Napoleon bakery, though it was too late in the day to buy a pastry that would be adequately fresh. But it turns out that Fells Point, which I know better than many of the areas in Baltimore, is much more fascinating when in the company of those you don’t get to see very often.


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