Fromage Friday: Langres

On the train home from Troyes last Saturday, I passed directly through Langres. Every time I pass through a city that has the same name as a cheese, I feel kind of… honored. I also feel compelled to go try that cheese immediately, so this week’s choice at the fromgerie was simple.

Langres, cow’s milk cheese
Made by: Fromagerie Germain in Chalancey, about 30 km southwest of Langres. They also make Epoisses.
Hails from: Champagne, same as Chaource. Just across the department from Epinal, and the region between Paris and these eastern provinces sharing a border with Germany.
Background: This cheese has the orangey-yellow rind which I’ve started to realize I find kind of unappetizing. It’s a strong-smelling cheese when you open the package, but the actual taste is not very strong. Extremely buttery and creamy–as a matter of fact it was not smooth or cake-y enough for me to actually support the creamy texture. I have a texture problem which somehow has sat out the last six months of cheese, but Langres is definitely going to fall victim. Official review: I am bored by this cheese.
Can I eat the rind? No problemo.
Serve it with: Langres has its own website, what do you know?! There’s a recipe for a pastry-type tornado with artichokes that I think would be good, because it might liven up the cheese.

I also thought I would share another pointer with you. Anyone who reads this and is American is aware that a regular-sized wedge of Brie in the States will probably set you back at least 7 or 8 bucks. So how do I buy fancy-pants cheese all the time?

1) Brie costs around $3 for a big ‘ol piece. Other cheeses aren’t much more.
2) I always buy a tiny little “tranche” so that I can taste more without eating a ton. This piece cost me 1.30€. France is great!


2 responses to “Fromage Friday: Langres

  1. that one doesnt look ripe yet

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