Fromage Friday: Chaource

I can’t seem to keep hold of the few days, weeks, hours, that I have left before I move on from Epinal, either back home to the States for the summer or on to somewhere else.

On top of my obviously not knowing what I will be doing in a month and a half’s time (I haven’t even purchased a ticket home), it’s really hit home this week that many of the people I work with, live with, and spend my free time with will be inaccessible to me for much of the rest of my life. The problem with living in a lot of different places is that you make a lot of friends, and some of them will always be far away. The Atlantic Ocean is really not my friend.

With that on my shoulders, I didn’t make it to the market Wednesday morning to buy some cheese and produce. Instead, I bought some at the most expensive grocery store in all of Epinal. Shame! On the upside: I will be in Paris Friday and in Troyes on Saturday, which is the former capital of Champagne, and now holding down the Bourgogne fort. Perfect for this cheese post.

Chaource, cow’s cheese
Made by: Fromagerie Lincet
Hails from: Saligny, in Bourgogne (Burgundy again). You can also find Chaource made in Champagne-Ardenne.
Background: This cheese probably wasn’t warm enough when I ate it, but it was rich and buttery, and had a little bit of an earthy tang. I don’t even know what that means, but that is what my taste buds said to my brain. Apparently the best time for this cheese is in summer. Also, I like that it’s really tall.
Can I eat the rind? Just fine.
Serve it: Salad, as I will be having tomorrow en route to Paris for a job interview. Or for a lighter flavor cheese on a cheese board.


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