Fromage Friday: Pavé Carvinois

My fromager has figured me out. After months of showing up at the cheese counter, standing behind the line for 5 minutes just staring at the case, he’s started giving me little tidbits of information when I choose a cheese completely at random.

The problem with that is that I have now gotten confused about which cheese I ate earlier this week. I know it was a pavé, and I THINK it was a pavé d’affinois, but the fromager told me “ah! A wonderful little northern cheese!” when I ordered it… and pavé d’affinois hails from the South. I’ll have to start taking notes at the fridge counter. I’m in London at the moment, so I’ll have to verify the name later this week. EDIT: It’s a Pavé Carvinois, which is actually too technical to be in my cheese book!

Pavé Carvinois, from cow’s milk
Made by: This one I believe was made by Jacques Hennart.
Hails from: From Carvin, just south of Lille and Roubaix. So yes, very nearly as far north in the country as you can get!
Background: Has a similar texture to Brie in that it’s the same sort of rind and gets delicious, soft and creamy at room temperature, but is a bit more mild than Brie. It was delicious. It’s also cute as a button: a little cheese square that literally looks like a pavé, which means cobblestone in French.
Can I eat the rind? Every time.
Serve it: Fruit, crackers and nuts, like you would with Brie. Might not be powerful enough to stand up in more complex recipes.


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