Gratitude, and not just for Ratatouille

Despite the weather having turned quite beautiful since I got back from Egypt, my sole expedition out of the house and away from job applications yesterday was to the library.

I picked up an English copy of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which in less than 24 hours has done me miles of good in perspective. Yes, I’m seven years late, but everyone occassionally needs a reminder to look closer at what they already have, and I needed it this month.

Today I had:

A miraculous 5:15 natural wakeup, exactly 15 seconds before my alarm rang.

A quick pre-sunrise run with more birds about than cars.

Six classes of engaged, relatively happy French children that involved singing, and playing cards. Coffee breaks with fresh beignets I managed to not overeat.

A 45-minute bus ride home during what is now rosy sunset falling on meadows and melting streams, and was preveiously blackest night or whitest fog.

Dinner of my favorite, amazing homemade ratatouille (seriously, try the recipe), dried spiced sausage, cheese, fresh bread, and cabernet. I’m just marinating now with French press coffee and an orange. And a book, of course.

In a grumpy mood, I would say I didn’t do much today. High on Jonathan Safran Foer, I feel like someone could draw a painting of my day, and I would frame it.




One response to “Gratitude, and not just for Ratatouille

  1. JSF has that way with people. Three cheers for you, and your excellent, full day.

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