Return of Fromage Friday: Saint Marcellin

I messed up, and I know it. A whole month without Fromage Friday! It’s a sin against blogging, and a sin against France. Now that I am back from vacation, I must recommence my search for cheese knowledge and actually record it.

Saint Marcellin, cow cheese, originally goat cheese.
Made by: Store cheese. Shame!
Hails from: Dauphiné area, aka around Grenoble and the Alps in mid-southern France.
Background: Soft rind, and what a cute little cheese! It’s about the size of your palm, or maybe even smaller. I have large palms. You can buy a lot of different kinds of Saint Marcellin, raw or pasturized, fresh, dry, or many stages of ripe. I tried one somewhere in the middle of the ripe scale.
Can I eat the rind? Yessir.
Serve it: A little salty but not too strong of a flavor… but not anywhere as airy as a brie. We had it at brunch and honestly I think it only worked because it was a very lunchy brunch. I’d put this one with bread. I’m not sure it could stand up with other ingredients and still hold its own!


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