Ramen Noodles, or the Sign of Imminent Death

There are several good reasons for why I have not updated this blog for over a week.

One: I’ve been skipping around a lot: going dancing, on trips to Lyon, snowshoeing, eating, all those things you think people do in France.

Two: When I’m not doing those things, I’m inexplicably laid up in bed with a cold that hangs around for a day or two and then fades out.

This means that yesterday I was stumbling around the nearest, and unfortunately most expensive, grocery store in town wishing beyond reason for a cellophane block of ramen noodle soup. Whatever the French are good at when it comes to baking does not extend to the MSG-packed goods that I crave when sick.

That’s right. I did use sriracha, though. Recipe here. Here’s to bringing back Fromage Friday this week, and to the fact that I still had fromage friday when I was feeling sick, even if I didn’t write about it.


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