Fromage Friday: Coulommiers

Over the last week we had nearly five straight days of bright sunshine and stinging cold wind, which left me wondering when the devil would come to collect my soul. Instead, torrential downpours at the end of the week rained out my days for skiing and running.

I lost weight when I first came to France, but I think I’ve inched back up again, and I’m blaming it on being stuck inside rather than the cheese. I even read an article recently that says cheese lowers cholesterol compared with butter… yes!!! Cheese on, my friends.

Coulommiers, cow cheese.
Made by: Unmarked, from Paris region.
Hails from: Central France, to the east of Paris.
Background: Coulommiers is one of the various kinds of brie cheeses: small and thick, sometimes unpasturized if it’s the summer season. A little earthy and mushroomy, but still a bit sweet. Mm. mmm.
Can I eat the rind? Yes, all brie rinds are edible.
Serve it: Just like any other brie, though I thought this one was a little stronger than the average giant brie wheel. Good with red wine, bread, or in a tart or mixed with delicious fruits and veggies like the fennel and apple in this dish.


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