Fromage Friday: Petit Gris

I have found a new everyday cheese. For whatever reason, I am a great lover of goat cheese. Maybe because it’s lighter, because it’s less fatty, or because the texture of most chevre cheeses is more cakey than goopy. French cheeses are often very soft, and while I’m not complaining I will be treating myself to a sharp, sliceable, hard cheese for Christmas.

But for now, I’m sold on Petit Gris.

Petit Gris, goats cheese.
Made by: Fermes de Bennevise, in les Vosges, Lorraine
Hails from: This was made nearby my home, and it does seem that Petit-Gris des Hautes Vosges is a local specialty. Can’t figure out if it’s a pan-France product. Please do correct me if I am wrong!
Cheese family: raw, soft, uncooked.
Background: semi-soft with a gray rind. Has a very light goat cheese flavor, but I like that the texture is somewhere between chevre and brie. DELICIOUS. Also, this cheese (in the rind) is apparently the specialty of the farm.
Can I eat the rind? Not my favorite, but if you don’t eat it, you waste the cheese. And it is delicious, so that is a sin.
Serve it with: gratin, on salads, sandwiches, or just devour it whole.

May look plain. But sometimes plain is all you need.


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