More Music

If circumstances were different, my extended family could have been the next Von Trapp Family Singers. Summer family reunions with my mother’s side of the family always involved at least one night crowded into a lodge hall or outdoor gazebo, armed with guitars and MacDonald Family Reunion songbooks. It turns out that this was good training for travel.

Music is the great common denominator between people of all countries. When I was in Madrid, a club/rock bar was comfortable because all you had to do was sing along. This past weekend when I joined some friends after a dinner party, it was a little awkward melding with the strangers until the guitar appeared. The only problem: finding songs that are fun and easy to sing, and that people from at least five different countries all know.

I’m collecting suggestions! The guitarist in question is a bit of a hipster, but I’m still gunning for old favorites like Cecilia, and Brown-eyed Girl. And if I end up with a night singing acoustic Santeria, I’ll be a happy, happy lady.


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