Musical Travel

Gelterkinden, where I forgot to frown. And remembered, again.

As “Stuff White People Like” once harshly reminded me, people who travel really like to talk about it. Those who don’t travel often seem to think this is bragging. I personally love to hear other people’s travel stories, and in particular have warm and fuzzy feelings about songs and movies based on a trip or a city. When faced with a whole world of places I want to see, sometimes the easiest way to choose is based on a song you really like.

Paris is Burning (Ladyhawke) makes the city sound like the most fun you’ve ever had, and you want to be there immediately. I’ve always like the idea of Santa Fe because of Rent, California One (Decemberists) inspires thoughts of beautiful, relaxing  drives down Highway 1 in winter, and Chelsea Morning (Joni Mitchell) paints New York in its best light.

Which leads me to “Düsseldorf.” Regina Spektor is probably my favorite artist of all time, so this song has given me a compulsive desire to visit all the cities she mentions, even if they’re not exactly tourism mecca. Especially Düsseldorf (Germany) and Gelterkinden (Switzerland), where she “remembered how to laugh, and never, ever forgot it again.” I have a lot of work to do.


If there’s a song or a movie that made you obsessed with a city, I want to know. Then I want to listen to it. Then I want to go there. Come with?


One response to “Musical Travel

  1. I like the way of representing the blog post. It happens generally we love to hear the travel stories if the peoples. The touching talks can experience the feeling of the live things going aground. Nice and uniquely discribed things.
    Cheers!! always rocks…

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