Photo Explosion

The two elementary schools I spend my Mondays and Tuesdays at look very different from the one I went to in Glen Burnie. The larger of the two schools has somewhere in the arena of 140 students, and the smaller likely has 100 or less.

At first I thought they seemed cold, because there’s no big cafeteria, no gym full of bouncy balls, and there’s an awful lot of concrete. With time though, both have started to feel very cozy. Instead of a gym, they have big open areas with concrete floors and lots of windows for natural light, and the walls are covered with what looks like student-drawn art.

There are stacks up stacks of coats and bookbags and–my favorite–slippers. To keep the hallways neat, they kids change into slippers after every recreation break. I am incredibly, incredibly jealous of them.

Also popular: professional wrestler pencil cases.

Not only is the art cute, it’s kind of genius.

On the way to the teacher's lounge.

"Grammar: It's hell!"


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