Old-fashioned lunchtime

Lunch at school is an interesting happening. The students get out at 11:30 and don’t start class again until 1:30, and most of them go home. Those who live too far away or don’t have someone at home to feed them go to a cantine where they have meals like roasted pork with herbs and ratatouille.

When's the last time your cafeteria served Brie?

About half the teachers (and this means three or four) stay at the school for the two-hour lunch break. Being a typical American and used to taking 25 minutes to eat at my desk, I can finish copying my dittos (HAHA DITTOS), walk to get a sandwich, eat it and be on coffee before half the teachers have even begun eating. So I sit in the art room for the remaining hour, working on lesson plans and watching everyone else eat:

–Half a grapefruit, then marinated chicken and pasta, then cheese, then bread, then a yogurt or chocolate mousse. Taken with a liter of water.

–Couscous with chicken and vegetables, then Babybel cheeses, then fromage blanc with jam, then an apple, then cake.

–Ham, then Babybel cheeses, then bread, then boiled eggs, then jam and fromage blanc, then a banana.

I’ll never be French, apparently. I’d be asleep for the rest of the afternoon.


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