Fromage Friday: Tomme

I cheated again and bought cheese at the grocery store. Actually, I didn’t even buy it. But I spent about 11 hours in Paris before taking the crack of dawn flight to Madrid, so I didn’t have time to brave the cheese master’s stand.

I don't have my camera cord, so imagine I took this.

This cheese: Tomme Noire des Pyrénées
Cost: 3ish euros
Nonsensical rating: 7 out of 10

This is a firmer cheese, the closest to something I would have bought in an American grocery store of all the cheeses I’ve had in France so far. It wasn’t as rich as the usual creamy French cheeses either, and apparently might be slightly lower in fat. This is important, as I am starting to become concerned about my cholesterol levels. But I liked it! As a mild cheese that you might use for a winter potato dish, or even something you might use for raclette–it had a similar mild taste–I can imagine myself getting it again.

My goal upon my return in France: go up to the fromager and just ask him to give me a stinky, stinky cheese.


3 responses to “Fromage Friday: Tomme

  1. no no no no no habibti, NOT raclette, aligot on the other hand

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  3. Where would I find that in America?! I went to France last year and had this cheese, and I MUST have more!!

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