Useful Language Post is Useful

Three days from now I’ll be sitting in an uncomfortable EasyJet seat on the way to Madrid. I’m looking forward to the trip, but a little daunted by spending 10 days trying to speak Spanish because I hate going places and not being able to at least have a quick exchange in the native tongue.

To try to alleviate my stress, I tracked down free language cheat sheets for a bunch of languages I’d like to use. There’s a wealth of free short sheets for most languages with the Dummies series, though it hurts my pride to buy serial advice books. There are also basic traveler’s cheat sheets here.

For people like me who are waiting for the invention of the Babel fish, there are a bunch of easy pocket guides from Lonely Planet and Barclays.

Filipino (Tagalog)

Fair warning: French creates duckface.

For my readers, I hope you might also look into the French for Dummies cheat sheet, or possibly the non-official French vocabulary and French Grammar if you’re ambitious. Living so close to Germany (and so many German assistants) means that I’m getting more and more interested in the country, so I’m hoping to learn some German too: quick phrases, basic German grammar, and German for dummies.

I know this is only the most basic of lists and I want to add to it. Suggestions?


One response to “Useful Language Post is Useful

  1. learn ausfahrt before you drive in germany

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