A Big, Blue Watery Road

Today was my first official French excursion since I arrived nearly a month ago, as I’ve been so busy getting myself settled and actually doing a little bit of work. Hence, no Fromage Friday this week. The road trip involved me, nine other teaching assistants from various anglophone countries, a slightly creepy bus driver, and the lake town of Gerardmer.

I convinced the other assistants that they should get up on a Saturday to take the 8 a.m. bus with me and go hiking. It’s probably fair to say I was the most woodsy, so I also led the hike, which turned out to be gorgeous in a lot of parts. Sights included an eight-year-old tearing up a four-wheeler course, a stream through the very lush woods and several waterfalls, then valley views, cute wooden houses and lake panoramas. We did have to ask for directions once.

Incredibly well-maintained trails.

I get the feeling that we’re on the far end of the beautiful fall days. Last weekend there were snowflakes falling in nearby Remiremont, and much of the first hour of the hike was on frosted grass and leaves. I feel a (very) slight amount of guilt for skipping the country next week to go to Spain, rather than tour France during the fall Toussaint holiday. So we made sure to spend a large part of the afternoon sitting outside in the sunshine, feeding ducks and driving electric boats, a.k.a. bumper boats for adults, up and down the lake. I also bought some post cards that some people will never, ever forget. Just wait.


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