The Little Things

What the crack.

The things that mess you up when you’re out of your home country are always something that you could never, ever expect. Teaching today and yesterday went fairly well considering how little I know about any of the students or teachers, but I had a problem: none of the students could read my handwriting.

French schoolchildren, and I assume French people in general, only write in cursive. And it’s not the same cursive you learn in the second grade. I was so confused by their confusion that I actually had to come home and look up American cursive to make sure I hadn’t forgotten how to do it properly.

Having second graders think your writing is illegible is a little humbling.


One response to “The Little Things

  1. Even the US version looks a bit different from the book we had…I think it had a few more curlicues on the letters. The capital F is crossed differently too.

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