Vide Maison

Want to know how to become really, really environmentally friendly in the kitchen? Move to a new country and don’t bring anything with you.

After two weeks I was working with:

–1 chef’s knife
–1 ceramic pot (yardsale purchase)
–1 coffee pot (donated)
–2 plastic water bottles in constant reuse, 2 yogurt containers serving as cups/small bowls, 10 plastic utensils in various states, several sheets of plastic wrap and sandwich bags in constant reuse

Somewhere nearby, a cow was mooing.

The good news is that I walked to a garage sale (vide maison) in the rain yesterday and found a bunch of things, so I ate breakfast on a plate this morning. The garage was full of all kinds of crazy things like giant cheese storage containers and meter-long fish roasting pans. They were also amused that I was American, and gave me escargot tongs for free so my friends would think I was French.

I digress. The real question is: why have I been throwing away plastic wrap after one use for years? And why did I have 5 mugs in my cupboard when I lived alone? After going from near 1,000 square feet of space to just barely 200, I’m hoping that one of the things I take away from this year is to stop buying so many THINGS. I’m not even sure the boxes I left in my parents’ house would fit into this apartment, much less the furniture.

Featured below, things I managed to not buy at the sale because I have no need for them… but they were cool.


One response to “Vide Maison

  1. This post reminds me of the Flight of the Conchords episode in which they buy a second mug so both of them can be drinking things at the same time, and then their debt spirals out of control.

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