Fromage Friday: Chevre Fermier de Vosges

This is the first cheese I’ve bought from the market, and from the actual cheese master. I say cheese master because while I stood in line debating what to buy without breaking the bank, the man brought out a saw to cut a hunk of cheese off a block of Emmentaler (Swiss, but not like in the deli) about the size of my right leg.

Sadly, I haven’t mastered by French food skills enough to order anything like that, so I stuck with a few ounces of local unpasteurized goat cheese. A thing you should know about this: I LOVE GOAT CHEESE. It’s my favorite. It’s also relatively healthy for cheese, or at least not as high in fat as most.

This cheese: Les Granges, made in Saint Baslemeont
Cost: 2.40 euro
Nonsensical rating: 6 of 10

This cheese was pretty easy on the tastebuds and had a great consistency, but it just didn’t have enough taste! I know that goat cheese is not particularly strong, but normally they have a least a little nuttiness or something to them. Maybe this would do better as a base for some kind of cream sauce.

It was nice to be able to actually buy a local cheese, though. I will give the cheese master another chance next week.

Behold, the cheese master.


2 responses to “Fromage Friday: Chevre Fermier de Vosges

  1. Tomme de Pyrenees

    cheese MONGER cmon you needed an excuse to use that word

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