Market Day

The marché couvert is Wednesday and Saturday in Epinal, and I’ve been each of those days that I’ve been in town so far.

Yes, there is a whole olive and marinated-things stand. And a sausage stand.

Mushrooms are in season, and gorgeous, so I’ve been trying to just buy whatever looks interesting and go with it. Unfortunately that means I’m not doing a great job of cooking them just yet. When I get the internet chez moi, and another pan or so, I can improve.

I’ve been using salad, pasta or bread as bases for vegetables, cheese, eggs and this amazing horseradish mustard that I bought at a market in Munich for 2 euros. It is the jam. Then, because I’m poor, I eat right out of the pot. Let’s just say I’m not mad about that.


2 responses to “Market Day

  1. Reading your posts – YAYz. Man I want a BRIE sandwich now though. I think I can get a close second to that at Potbelly’s?

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