Fromage Friday: Vilroy Camembert

I spent the first of my fromage Fridays (last week) in my brand spanking new apartment in Epinal. It’s 19 square meters, but it’s clean, has all new furniture (including a double loft bed) and a new microwave/grill (don’t ask me how it works). Technically, it’s all I need.

After hauling all my things down from Nancy and hours of French paperwork, I stumbled out to buy household supplies and dinner. By the time I was home and shoeless, I could have eaten the grocery bag, so my cheese opinions might not be very valid. I was also reeling from not having a corkscrew to uncork that 3 € bottle of wine. Hard life.

Camembert: A soft white cow’s milk cheese, made in  Normandy (the northwest of France)

This Camembert: Vilroy, cost me about 1 euro 20 cents

I’ve always struggled a little with the difference in taste between Brie and Camembert. My beginner’s thoughts are that the Camembert is sweeter and not as rich, but that made this meal a little easier on me than the Brie Salade sandwich (Demi-baguette, Brie and lettuce: the French are incredibly direct about sandwiches) I had for lunch. There’s hardly any sweaty cheese odor, but it does have enough to give it a lasting taste. This wheel was not as creamy as I expected, so I’ll just have to keep tasting more kinds to compare!

So today we’ve learned: Rebecca knows nothing about cheese, but she might like Camembert better than Brie. Even when served with a side of “vegetables prepared for couscous” out of a can.


One response to “Fromage Friday: Vilroy Camembert

  1. CHEESE. Miss you, friend.

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