At the Gate

My flight takes off for Paris, via Reykjavik, in an hour and 20 minutes. Mom, Dad and my middle sister came down to send me off, which is almost harder than coming by myself. So now I’m sitting with a bunch of Icelanders watching the sun go down over the fields and runways.

It was impossible to take this sans-glare, but I tried.

Last night, at home in Glen Burnie, I felt like I was at the very top of a super coaster, in the front car. Luckily, I don’t currently feel like I’m in a neverending free fall down the hill.

I’ll miss you all! I have no idea what internet connection I will have in the next few days, and I know I will be traveling a lot next week: Paris on the weekend for the Paris-Versailles 10 miler, and then Munich for, well, beer.


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