I leave for France in three days, so obviously the most important thing for me to be doing right now is checking out books on cheese from the library.

This book, while not exactly a wonder of writing, has already been fairly interesting. At the very least, I’ve learned that I wish I read latin so I could read “Summa Lactiniorum,” which is supposedly the first book ever written about cheese. I’ve also learned that Daniel Defoe, whom most people know for Robinson Crusoe, apparently wrote a lot about food and cheese.

One of the more useful things has been about cheddar cheese. I generally consider cheddar to be a cheese for people who don’t like cheese, because it’s a fairly bland flavor and the stuff that is labeled “cheddar cheese” in the average grocery store is normally a step or two above Cheese Whiz. Now I know that the original cheddar was made in Somerset, England, and I can still try original cheddar from there. Something tells me it’s nothing like Yancey’s Fancy.

Next up: this bad boy.

I’ll be buying one in France to mark up, but I wanted to dig into the MORE THAN 30 pages on chevre de la loire et chevre du coin, comté (which is eaten/produced over in my neck of the woods) and of course the famous, smelly Münster.

Fromage Fridays, here we come!


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