Leaving a Job is Hard Work

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Last. Day. Of. Work. Sunday I leave the Lehigh Valley, most likely permanently… as a resident, anyway.

I’m not sure how that can be possible.

Like the week before vacation, I’ve barely had time to breathe this week, much less blog. I have, however, been trying to make time to actually cook food.

Want to have a laugh? Watch me use a chef's knife.

I definitely proclaim it to be fall. I had my first Punkin Ale (or any pumpkin ale, I’ve got my favorite, Pumking, waiting for me in the fridge) of the season. I’m drinking tea and consuming zucchini and eggplant almost daily–as seen above with various ‘shrooms and onions. I wore a coat OUTSIDE the office today. And I keep seeing the massive spice rack and wanting to make stew.

Spicy. spices. Paul has so many! But no chocolate for midnight snacks.

Of course, stew would also go well with the 15 pounds of challah I still have left.


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