One week later: C’est Fait

This time a week ago I was fresh back from moving all of my things to Maryland for the last time. I came back for two weeks with just enough clothes to get me by, and have made myself a temporary resident of my friend’s basement lair.

Moving out of the apartment was the first thing that has made any of this seem even remotely real. It was the first place I ever lived alone, and the first place I learned to be alone and like it. I’m not only leaving that, but a lot of memories and people. I’m aware that I got really lucky when I moved to the Lehigh Valley, and fell easily into a group of people who were my family in a strange place. I almost feel like it was the last of my formative years–the years when I first became a real (grown-up) person.

That means I went from this (a group of great friends enjoying the tunes and people-watching for all of Musikfest) to this:

My father eating the last of the freezer pops while my mom finishes vacuuming.

I’m doing my best to preserve the former picture in my mind. Or maybe this one.


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