How My Parents Feel

I’ve been really busy, therefore my super awesome “I moved” post is on hold. Instead:

My parents are the bomb.

For the past few months, every time my move to France comes up, people ask me “how do your parents feel about this?” To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t considered how they felt about it. I love my parents very much, but I’m an adult, very independent, and my parents have always supported my decisions from a distance. They’ve also known every minute detail of my plans since I decided to apply last fall.

But I started to get curious. I asked them point-blank last Friday night, pre-move:

Mom: “I think …. Cool!”
Dad: “I tell everyone about it, that you’re moving to France. I’m impressed.”

Hence, why I am not concerned. They know I’ve already lived in France, I’ve traveled alone a lot, and I’ve been to at least one country (Colombia) that makes secretaries tremble about what could have gone wrong.

I know my dad is impressed because later he asked me which actress I would choose to play the role of Rebecca in the fictional movie made about my life. Not just any part of my life, but this part, right now.

I said Marion Cotillard, who looks nothing like me.

He said, “it’s your movie.”



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