The Best Food You Ever Ate

A couple of weeks ago I asked a friend of mine who is a food writer, a great cook, and a world traveler what was the best thing he ate on his 180-day cruise around the planet. I was salivating, imagining Indian curries and Greek salads.

His answer was, “a tomato in a market in Sicily.” I felt my brain rearrange itself in my skull.

The picture of happiness

While I could easily list some of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had–three courses on via Straciatella (yes, chocolate chip road) in Florence, picking crabs poolside, homemade Guyanese shrimp curry–it is often the most basic things that stick with you. That’s why picnics are so glorious. Strawberries fresh from the vine, roasted potatoes or a dinner roll with butter after you’ve been hiking the Appalachian Trail for are all pretty high on my list.

Here’s my John Cusak-esque attempt: Top five meals I would relive.

1) Dinner pancakes with grandma’s fresh blueberry sauce after a day of berry picking.

2) Seafood paella in a tiny restaurant in Barcelona where no one else spoke English.

Just gonna use that spoon like a shovel.

3) Banh mi sandwich in Orlando, Florida at what I think was Pho 88.

4) Sloppy Joes that probably contained a lot of grasshopper and dirt during one of those hilariously awful camping trips. I was infinitely hungry.

Those faces don't lie.

5) Long life bean salad from Figs, where I used to work. I will replicate it soon.

What’s in your top five?


2 responses to “The Best Food You Ever Ate

  1. Hi,
    That’s a good question. I definitely think the best food you’ve eaten is a combination of the actual meal and the circumstances. I think mine would be spit roasted chicken while camping in France, sushi in the Tokyo fish market, Taster menu at Gordon Ramsay’s reastaurant in Claridges, Beef pie gravy and hand cut chips made by my Grandma and tomatoes from my garden.

  2. Those Manwiches are in my top 5 too. I was ravenous. The Tap and Table burger also makes my list, without a doubt.

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