Finally Getting Some News

After nearly two months of waiting, I heard from the principal of one of the two elementary schools I will be teaching at in Mirecourt, France yesterday. In talking with him and another woman, I learned something shocking. I am only required to work on Monday at his school, and Tuesday at the town’s only other elementary school. I am the only primary teacher in the town of 6,000.


As soon as I confirmed that, I felt like I had opened a window in my office and nothing but sunshine and butterflies poured in. I now have the freedom to live in a larger city (Epinal, which still only has about 35,000 people), more time to tutor ($$$), and more time to freelance (keeping my foot in journalism doors). More libraries! A movie theater! Other people to talk to! And still have the chance to spend time in a minuscule town.

Epinal was much more involved in the Franco-German struggles of WW2. This also means it will have more of a blended cultural history. Aka, more sausages and cute Alsatian houses. It’s also on the Moselle river. Hang tight while I photo vomit on you.

But then there’s the history behind that culture. A lot of Epinal will be newer, because apparently it got the bejesus blown out of it. I’m glad to finally know where I will be making my home, and it’s fascinating to see its past. More destruction photos here. I kind of love them.



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