The Countdown is too Short

Somehow, I’ll be moving out of the apartment on Main Street in just over two weeks. I’ve only been here for about a year and a half, but it’s been one of the best homes I’ve ever had.

Nine foot ceilings, big sunny windows, hardwood floors, internet stolen from the hotel across the street… but more than anything I’ve loved being able to enjoy all of Bethlehem’s festivals without having to wade through the drunk, dusty masses.

Within a few months of moving in I made the shelf by in front of my six-foot windows into a window seat. Well-known fact: my dream house has always included built-in window seats. Right now I’m lounging on it after finishing up my (homemade) red Thai curry, sipping a gin fizz, watching the Musikfest crowds and enjoying the echoes of the band up the street. I’m content enough to feel a little giddy (though the gin probably helps), and I just want to remember that. How a few simple things can be all you really need.

I’d take a picture of myself, but it would just be embarrassing. So here’s a picture of me full-on hanging out the window during Celtic Classic last year.

Yes that’s a Strongbow. Yes it’s also my breakfast bowl of oatmeal. You’re welcome.


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