The American Food

Last weekend I skipped a couple social events to stay in and cook. Also, to nap. One of the things I’ve been most intent on making is peanut butter, because it’s hard to track down in France and most of Europe, where hazelnut is king.

How to make peanut butter:

Put a cup or two of peanuts in a food processor.

Hit blend.


That was easy.

I used pre-salted peanuts and no additional salt, but in my next batch (tonight) I’m planning to use plain peanuts and about a 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of sea salt to cut down on the processed salty taste.

Other surprise benefit: none of the oil that comes with natural store bought peanut butter. It’s more like paste, but still yummay.

Let's be real, party peanuts make for better food than regular peanuts.


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