Starting From Scratch

When I came home from three weeks of vacation last month, the loaf of bread I accidentally left in my cupboard looked exactly the same. No mold. Not even stale. I was unnerved. I had fresh memories of crisp baguettes, so my next move was pretty clear: no more store-bought bread.

My second argument for this was that it’s cheaper to make your own. But is it really?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a pound of whole wheat bread costs an average of $1.86 in the US. The 100 percent whole wheat bread I normally buy (Arnold, no high fructose corn syrup), costs more like $3.50 to $3.75. The wheat bread I made this past Tuesday cost me roughly $3.38.

So, I’m breaking even. I continue to win on taste (amazing with fresh soup), healthier ingredients, stress relief from dough kneading, and actually being full. Wheat bread from the store fills me up about as much as eating a couple sheets of paper, while a small slab of this bread leaves me very satisfied. I also get a lot of pride from making things for myself, which is really what all of this is about.


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